About Us

Our Company

From New Zealand’s “best socks”, to one of the fastest growing retailers with over 300 franchises and stockists nationwide, Aussie Sox is all about “bringing the fashion to socks”.

We specialize in socks, hats and scarves – what everyone needs really.
Aussie Sox, as a single-company enterprise produces the greatest number of sock products in the world.

As a global company, our products are sold not only in New Zealand, but in Australia and South Korea as well.
We are highly motivated to make further expansion world-wide. By our products being sold in other countries, we investigate what we can do to satisfy customer demand.

We produce more than 1500 different types of socks under the brand name “Aussie Sox”.

Our focus other than socks has developed throughout the years. Since 2008, we have launched the brand “Brillianto”, a scarf brand, and “Cappia”, a hat brand.

We are always striving to upgrade the qualities of all of our products manufactured at Aussie Sox. We believe that strengthening strategies to regular market research will bring up higher satisfaction from our customers.

The combination of excellent quality products and an affordable price tag – this is Aussie Sox.


Contact Us

  • Address : 23A Greenmount Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Phone : 09 273 7171
  • E-mail : help@aussiesox.co.nz
  • Opening hours : Mon - Fri  9AM - 6PM